Alex Profis v4.5 B

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Alex Profis is a fully automated Expert Advisor for Forex trading. The EA uses the strategy based on price levels' breakout.

The main rule of the EA is to preserve and increase the account balance without large risks. Therefore, the EA is in the market for mere minutes, sometimes seconds per day.

The best results are achieved on GBP/USD, EUR/USD, USD/JPY. The EA works on H1. The product requires a low-spread broker with accurate order execution.

Real account monitoring:

The EA's Features:

  • no need in a large initial deposit;
  • only pending orders are used;
  • each deal is protected by stop orders (Stop Loss and Take Profit);
  • additional check of stop loss and take profit's presence in case of connection loss when placing an order;
  • in case pending order's price slippage, stop loss and take profit levels are re-set at the next tick according to the specified parameters;
  • ability to move the order to breakeven;
  • position trailing stop is used;
  • both a fixed lot and a free margin percentage are used;
  • ability to set time limitations for the EA operation;
  • ability to delete pending orders when the spread is increased. After the spread is decreased, the orders are re-set;
  • no martingale;
  • does not consume too much CPU resources.


  • TP - pending order take profit;
  • SL - pending order stop loss;
  • BBUSize - profit in points, at which the stop loss is moved to the break-even;
  • BBUSizepip - break-even size in points;
  • Magic - magic number;
  • UseTrailing - enable/disable trailing;
  • TrailingStart - profit in points, after which trailing starts;
  • TrailingStep - size of a step, by which the profit should increase in order to move trailing to the next stage;
  • TrailingStop - size of a step, by which the profit should decrease, so that an order is closed;
  • MaxRisk - risk for the deposit per deal;
  • Lots_fixed - fixed lot on/off;
  • Lot - fixed lot size;
  • Slippage - permissible slippage for opening an order;
  • Distance - permissible distance between pending orders;
  • CloseDay - the day to close and delete all orders;
  • CloseHour - the hour to close and delete all orders;
  • CloseMinute - the minute to close an delete all orders;
  • OpenDay - the EA will start trading from this day;
  • OpenHour - EA operation start hour;
  • OpenMinute - EA operation start minute;
  • NonFarmDay - delete orders before nonfarm (day);
  • NonFarmHour - delete orders before nonfarm (hour);
  • NonFarmMinute - delete orders before nonfarm (minute);
  • CheckSpread - delete pending orders when a spread is increased;
  • MaxSpread - maximum spread value;
  • Order_Comment - order comment.
Please set up the work time of the Expert Advisor according to the work time of your trade server.


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