RunwiseFX Heikin Ashi with Alert v1.04 B

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Shows Heikin-Ashi candles (often misspelled Heiken-Ashi) on the chart and can alert when candles change color. The alert is useful for both entry and exit. The number of candles of the new color before an alert is raised can be set. The alert can be controlled interactively, directly from the chart.

Also includes bonus indicators of current spread and ask/bid prices in large text, color coded as price changes.


Heikin-Ashi candles give a much better insight to the underlying trend than regular candles provide. When the candles move from one color to another (buy to sell or visa-versa) then this can be a great point to consider an entry or exit. The alert saves you from continually having to watch the chart.

The indicator will show a small control panel on chart to allow the alert to be turned on and off, just click the check box with your mouse. The control panel also allows setting of the number of closed candles required, in the new color, before the alert is raised. Simply type the required number into the box. When an alert is raised the indicator will draw a horizontal line at the price and the control panel will show how many pips the market has moved since the alert. This is useful to know if you have taken too long to make a trade decision.

For the alert to work you must leave the chart open with the indicator placed on the chart. The alert can be set to pop-up, play wav file sound, email or notification.

A bonus spread indicator will show the current spread, which can be configured to change color if the spread has gone too high. Also current ask/bid prices can be shown in big text. The prices will be colored green if gone up, red if gone down or yellow if stayed the same. The indicators are optional and fully configurable.

Indicator Inputs

Main_alertOnDefault Set to true for alert to be on by default when indicator is placed onto a chart
Main_alertNumClosedBars Default number of closed bars of new candle color before alert is raised
Main_alertShowPriceLine If set to true will show horizontal price line on chart of the price when an alert was raised
Main_alertLineStyle Line style of the above alert price line
Col_alertSell Color of alert price line if a sell alert
Col_alertBuy Color of alert price line if a buy alert
Box_corner Which corner of the chart to show the alert's control panel. Default is bottom left.
Box_X X co-ordinate of where the show the alert's control panel
Box_Y Y co-ordinate of where the show the alert's control panel
Gen_GUIFontSize Font size for label on control panel
Gen_GUIFont Font name used on control panel
Gen_lineLabelFontSize Font size of text label used on horizontal price lines
Gen_alertPopUp If true then will alert via pop-up window (note, on strategy tester will appear in Journal)
Gen_alertSound If true will alert via playing of wav file
Gen_alertSoundWavFile Wav file fame, use if Gen_alertSound is set to true
Gen_alertMail If true then will alert via email, as configured in your MetaTrader terminal
Gen_alertNotification If true then will alert via push notification, as configured in your MetaTrader terminal
Gen_colorLabel Color used for labels in the control panel
Gen_colorSell General color to use for sell
Gen_colorBuy General color to use for buy
Gen_colorSellBuy General color to use when transitioning from buy/sell
Gen_askBidPricesShow If true when will show ask/bid prices on the chart
Gen_askBidPricesCorner Which corner of the chart to show the ask/bid prices
Gen_askBidPricesX X co-ordinate of ask/bid prices
Gen_askBidPricesY Y co-ordinate of ask/bid prices
Gen_askBidPricesSizeAsk Font size of ask price
Gen_askBidPricesSizeBid Font size of bid price
Gen_spreadShow If true then will show current spread
Gen_spreadCorner Which corner of the chart to show the spread
Gen_spreadX X co-ordinate of the spread
Gen_spreadY Y co-ordinate of the spread
Gen_spreadWarn1Pips How large spread has to be to show it in the warning 1 color
Gen_spreadWarn2Pips How large spread has to be to show it in the warning 2 color
Gen_spreadWarn1Color Color to use when reached warning 1 number of pips
Gen_spreadWarn2Color Color to use when reached warning 2 number of pips

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