PTS MACD MTF Indicator

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How To Use The Real Power Of The MACD


If you want to trade professionally then you should apply a top-down approach:

An Edge Of A Bigger Time Frame + An Edge Of A Lower Time Frame


With a top-down approach you will have a higher winning percentage and the average size of your winning trades will be bigger. 

There are multiple ways to get an edge of a bigger time frame. The multi time frame MACD indicator (PTS_MACD_MTF) is one of the many ways.

With the PTS_MACD_MTF can can use MACD divergences of higher time frames and make pinpointed entries on lower time frames.

The following video shows how you the PTS_MACD_MTF works:


With the information advantage provided by the PTS_MACD_MTF you can search for Double Tops/Bottoms (get the FREE Double Top / Bottom Indicator) within the rectangles of the following screenshot:


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