PTS Support Resistance Alerter Scanner v1.1

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1 Indicator ex4 unlocked v1.1

This indicator calculates support and resistance levels in the background and alerts you when the price comes near to the calculated levels

So you will be alerted before the level is reached which gives you time to check the charts and prepare for a trade.

You can freely define when you want to get alerted. The default value for the alert-distance is 50 pips before the supp/res level. 

This means that you will get an alert when the price comes closer than 50 pips to the calculated support/resistance level.

This dashboard scanner checks up to 30 instruments on up to 8 time frames for you and gives you real-time alerts!

You can get alerts in real-time:

  • alerts via email
  • alerts via push to your mobile
  • and popups in your MT4


With the dashboard view you will spot highly interesting marketing situations:

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